Saturday, April 7, 2012

IBM Professor Einstein - New Line of Educational Computers from IBM


IBM Professor Einstein - Adaptation of IBM Watson

IBM announced a new line of education computer systems. IBM will provide both hardware and software for this educational computers. IBM Professor Einstein is the first in this series and this computer system is for the subject Physics. All the Physics books and research papers published so far are stored in this computer. Using this system, any university can deliver a global lecture to any student on one to one basis. The university can provide a customized lecture through this computer system and all the questions of the students are answered by the computer. Computer will rank its answers on a 1 to 10 scale and all questions and answers with ratings are made available to the university faculty for analysis and improvement. The computer has  learning ability and faculty inputs keep improving the ability of the computer to give better answers to the students.

The computer system was tested on 10,000 global students and students gave excellent rating to this method of online education. Universities can easily scale up their operations and provide education to any body any where in the world now in a cost effective manner. The computer can set up question papers and can evaluate the papers both in objective mode and essay mode.

IBM developed this line of computers using the idea of Global Professors of Excellence promoted by Professor Narayana Rao in a Knol. The idea in turn was based on IBM Watson, an artificial intelligence natural language processing system developed by IBM.

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